Return and Exchange Policy

  • We do not offer returns or full refunds of any Fan purchased online.
  • However, the exchange of Fans is possible within 15 days of the date of purchase. After 15 days, the product will not be exchanged at all.
  • Your Fan can only be exchanged if it follows the following criteria:
  1. It should be unused
  2. It should be in the same INDUS packaging with all accessories in it
  3. Its body is not broken from any side
  4. Its blades are not bent due to any pressure applied
  5. Its motor is not damaged due to overvoltage
  6. Its PCB circuit is in working condition
  • If your Fan fulfills this criteria, you can reach our customer care helpline through WhatsApp at +92 3210250000. Our customer care representative will guide you through the further procedure.
  • In case of exchange, the customer will be responsible for sending back the fan in safe condition. Also, the return shipping charges (non-refundable) will be paid by the customer.

Warranty Claim

Note: Fans purchased from any of our dealers or distributors do not qualify for warranty claims directly from the company. Only dealers and distributors are responsible for warranty claims of Fans purchased from them.

Terms & Conditions for Online Purchased Fans:

  • INDUS is offering One Year PCB Circuit Warranty and Two Years Fan Motor Warranty.
  • Warranty becomes void if the Fans are broken, mishandled and negligently repaired.
  • Warranty becomes void if the Fan Motor is damaged due to over voltage.
  • Warranty becomes void if the installation instructions mentioned on the Fan box are not followed properly during installation of fans.
  • Warranty is offered only for Fan Motor and PCB Circuit. All other parts such as body, blades, design plates etc. do not come under warranty.
  • For warranty claim, the customer must send photo/video evidences of the issue faced on Whatsapp at +92 3210250000. Our representative will carefully analyze the evidences and then proceed to the warranty claim process.
  • All warranty claims will be made through courier. In case of PCB issue, the customer will be asked to send back the faulty PCB and new PCB will be issued to the customer through courier. Similarly, in case of Fan Motor issue, a new Fan Motor will be sent through Replacement Courier Service and the faulty motor will be picked up from the customers.
  • If the customer belongs to the location which does not come under our Replacement Courier service area, the customer will be responsible for sending the motor and PCB back through courier. Courier charges will be paid by company if the warranty is claimed within 3 months after purchase. After 3 months, courier charges will be paid by the customer.
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