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Super Indus Electrical Industries

Started with manufacturing of electric motors in 1970, after the 4 decades of continuous progress and development, Super Indus Electrical Industries has become Indus Group of Industries, one of top manufacturers of home appliances, producing a wide range of products from electric fans to washing & dryer machines, room air coolers, gas appliances and plastic furniture, all known for their quality, durability and beauty throughout the Pakistan as well as abroad.

Super Indus electrical Industries, now fan manufacturing arm of Indus Group of Industries, holds the honor of producing finest quality electric fans in Pakistan. Our product range includes all types of electric fans from Ceiling Fans to Pedestal Fans, Table Fans, Wall Bracket Fans, Metal Body Exhaust Fans, Plastic Body Exhaust Fans, Circomatic Fans, Fix Fans and Louver fans. All of these types further expanding into different models and colors make INDUS fans able to provide comprehensive solutions for all home and office ventilation needs. Through all ups and downs, Indus never compromised on quality and produced 100% Copper Winded Fans meeting national and international standards of quality and safety. That’s why now Indus enjoys a loyal customer base, always preferring INDUS products, throughout the Pakistan as well as in Bangladesh, Turkey, Sudan, South Africa and U.A.E.

Equipped with high-tech machinery, proud of skilled and dedicated professionals with lifetime experience of fan manufacturing and management, we at Super Indus Electrical Industries are committed to keep the prestige of INDUS up and enhance it further.

Quality, Variety and Style

Quality is and always has been our hallmark.  Each Indus product features meticulous workmanship and finest materials available, we are proud of being the only fan manufacturer capable to guarantee 100% copper winded fans. INDUS fans are equally suitable to normal electric supply as well as UPS and generator.

Produced with Japanese Electric Steel Sheet and 99.9% Enameled Copper Wire, available in more than 20 attractive and unique models, further different sizes and beautiful color combinations, Indus Ceiling Fans offers our customer with a virtually unending variety of ceiling fans to suit their every need and match almost every decor. Featuring 99.9% copper wire and heavy duty parts and extensive air delivery due to powerful motor, Indus Pedestal Fans stand prominent in the product range of INDUS for their efficiency and durability.

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